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Once Tipsy founder  and now-serial entrepreneur Amanda Neville started working in the "real world" as a young adult, she realized that she was simultaneously the best and worst employee: she worked really hard, but also always had ideas for how to do things better and always wanted to try new things (and made sure the higher-ups in her corporate job knew that!). When the opportunity to start her own company (the first being a creative agency) presented itself, she jumped on the chance to be her own boss. From there, she got the courage to start more and different ventures.

One of those businesses, Tipsy, is not your average neighborhood wine shop. One standout is their Wine Club: you tell them what you like and choose the quantity/frequency of bottles delivered right to your doorman. 

Like Uplift, Tipsy also does a plethora of fun events, like themed wine tastings in corporate, company, or other private settings ("Order like a boss"/"Green Goddesses"/"Obscure but Amazing"/"Parlez-vous Francais?"), all run by a woman sommelier, and which can be done in conjunction with women caterers for food and wine pairings. Plus, don't forget their in-store offerings like happy hours, bridal showers, and just plain old parties!

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