#MeToo Workshop

An important #MeToo workshop

The #MeToo movement comes to the Fitness, Wellness and Health Communities


Have your trainers or instructors ever experienced sexual harassment (or otherwise detrimental behavior) from their clients? Have any members of your staff been uncomfortable in a given situation with a client and not known how to speak up? Have male instructors wanted (or needed) to be allies to their female counterparts--or vice versa--and not known how?

Leanne Shear, founder of Uplift, and Megan Eiss-Proctor, a New York attorney and founder of Heddy Consulting, are offering a workshop for businesses in the fitness/wellness sector to bring the empowering principles of #MeToo and #TimesUp home to our staffs and employees.

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 Jessica LaChance - Uptown Pilates

"Leanne and Megan surpassed my expectations each step of the way in the process of our workshop with them. From their thoughtful communication prior to ensure that they understood my team and our needs, to their energy and knowledge at the time of the workshop to their continued investment in my team after, it has been an incredible experience.

Workshop Description

In this custom-designed workshop, an expert in fitness and female empowerment works together with an expert in diversity and inclusion to get your staff talking about important issues like:
• How to speak up for yourself in tough situations
• How to assert yourself when working with clients whose payments you rely upon for your livelihood
• How to talk about inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment with clients and/or colleagues
• Appropriate responses to inappropriate behavior
• Interactive and practical opportunities to practice responding under stressful situations
• An open forum/safe space to discuss individual issues in your workplace


We help you and your staff have the hard conversations that need to occur to ensure your workplace works for everyone.