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Small Group Training


Small Group Training


Power X


Power X is a 55-minute circuit-style training session focused on athletic conditioning. The goal is to enhance the body's stamina and its execution of explosive movements. The results: increased stamina, better metabolic function, and improved athletic performance. Power X is capped at 8 clients per session, and is only available to Uplift clients. SHOES REQUIRED.

Strength X


Strength X is a 55-minute circuit-style strength training session.The goal is to correctly and progressively lift heavier weights when activating each muscle group, and to better perform functional movements in everyday life. The results: increased muscular strength in lower and upper body, better total body engagement and definition, and greater knowledge of strength training principles. The training takes 8 clients maximum, and is only available to our Uplift clients. SHOES REQUIRED.



Build is a six-week progressive small group training cycle. The goal is to improve in a lift, technique, or element of fitness that is the primary focus of the six weeks. The results: increased strength, better performance of advanced movements, communal accountability. This style of group training is appropriate for athletes. SHOES REQUIRED.