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Personal Training


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Considering Uplift is one of the only boutique studios in New York City that offers personal training (along with our amazing group training!), we want to make sure you walk in our doors ready to work and be supported, and walk out feeling empowered and strong. Uplift is the perfect place for EVERY woman. Whether you’re pregnant, preparing for your wedding or other event, are over fifty, are a teen or tween, are a student/athlete, or just a woman looking for an extra boost to your workout routine, you’ve come to the right place. Click one of the following categories to learn about our specialized programs tailored to YOU!

Our standard one-hour cardio and strength coaching sessions will maximize your results by putting all the focus on you and your goals. Our expert Coaches emphasize using your body weight, dumbbells and other resistance training methods to push past your limits and whip you into incredible shape.


Peak and Off-Peak COMBO Pack

There is a package for every need, including for clients who need or want to combine Peak and Off-Peak training hours.
If that’s YOU, take advantage of this Combo Pack from US: Enjoy 5 Peak and 5 Off-Peak sessions for $999.
This package expires in 3 months (NO exceptions) and is only available for purchase on the phone (212-242-3103) , email (flatiron@upliftstudios.com), or in person.

Personal Training

One-on-one private and personalized training with an Uplift Coach.
Whether you're new to fitness or more experienced, welcome to our female society! 
Perfect for women who wish to train during our peak times: 
early in the morning (start times up to and including 9:00 a.m.) or later in the evening on weekdays (start times from 4 p.m. on).
*Must be purchased prior to any training session with a Coach.*

Single Session: $124
10 Sessions: $1,160
20 Sessions: $2,260
30 Sessions:  $3,300
20 Sessions w/ Installments: 5 payments of $458
(Total: $2,290) 
30 Sessions w/ Installments: 6 payments of $560
(Total: $3,360)


Specialty Training

Specialized attention and programming for pre- or post-natal clients, as well as those
recovering from a severe injury/illness or those who have physical limitations (etc.).
An expert Coach will recommend how many specialty training sessions
are needed based on your initial physical assessment.

Single Session: $149

**Flexible to train between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.?
We'll take 10% off specialty training single sessions during those off-peak hours**

Off-Peak Personal Training

Same amazing experience and customized program...at a discount!
Perfect for women with a little more flexibility during the day.
Valid for sessions
Monday through Friday with start times from 10 a.m.  to 3 p.m., and ALL DAY on Saturdays and Sundays.
*Must be purchased prior to any training session with a Coach*

Single Session: $89
10 Sessions: $870
20 Sessions: $1,700
20 Sessions w/ Installments: 5 payments of $338
(Total: $1,690)



In-Home Training

Do you have a gym in your office, home, or building?
Make working out super convenient and have an Uplift Coach come to you.

Training can be scheduled at any time, any day of the week.

First Session/Assessment: $129
10 Sessions: $1,690
20 Sessions: $3,300

Add additional $39/session for In-Home Specialty Training


Uplifted Training

Unlike Specialty Training, Uplifted Training is geared towards
a specific life stage or event. Uplifted Training also includes
personal training with friends (from 2-4 people).