The Funkotheque


“The Funkotheque” (funk•oh•tek) is a disruptive collective that creates empowered individuals and teams alike, through small batch, immersive urban dance experiences. Our workshops celebrate get-down music & movement, as well as diversity & community, in the business of bringing more creative expression and storytelling into the wellness industry, and more badass-ary into pragmatic leadership and personal development coaching. 

The ‘good stuff’ we yearn for is always just outside our comfort zone. Being outside of our respective comfort zones, means often living authentically in our vulnerability. How do we do that? How do we actually disrupt the stuff that holds each of us back? Dancing in front of people is just about as juicy with vulnerablity as you can get - we think that’s a good place to start.  ;)

Our first, full-length workshop will take place in Winter 2018, in Los Angeles, CA

Uplift Studios