Revere Co.

Uplift Co-Founder, Leanne sits down and talks BUSINESS with Alex Blodgett of Revere Co.


Is entrepreneurship in your blood/has it always been a part of you? Or is it something you grew into a little later in your professional life?
AB: No, except a small stint setting up lemonade stands along neighborhood garden tours at age 10. I grew into entrepreneurship in my 20's when I found something I cared about enough (social fitness experiences) to make a go of it on my own. 

What made you start Revere? What need are you filling?
AB: There is so much confusion around the role nutrition plays in your workout. I constantly heard Cyc riders asking our instructors, "What should I take before a workout? What should I eat afterwards?" The answer does not lie in a green juice or a chemical-filled sports supplement. Revere packets contain plant-based ingredients derived from clean whole foods. Each Pre-Energy and Post-Workout packet is designed specifically to energize your performance in the gym, and your results afterwards. 
Why do you think women make good entrepreneurs? Do you encourage women to start businesses of their own?
AB: Ego typically isn't the main driver for women. The most successful women I've been around have lead by bringing up others collaboratively with them. My best business moves have almost always involved partnerships. And yes, I do encourage women to start businesses! But you need to be willing to give up a lot of your personal life. And by a lot I mean, just about all. With women, especially moms, that's tough. I'm not sure how I will handle finding balance between my company and my future kids, but I'll figure it out! 

What inspires you?
AB: Creative collaborators who come up with really unexpected ways to work together. Also, figure skaters, how do they do that shit?  

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