Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer

This October, we hosted our SWUE: Women's Illness and all proceeds went to Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer. This incredible not-for-profit organization was founded by one of Uplift's own, Vera Trifunovich. After fighting and beating breast cancer last year, Vera wanted to find a way to give back to the community. One in eight women will battle with breast cancer in their lives and their experiences touch on almost all of us. Through deeply personal videos, Vera interviews survivors, their families, and their caretakers in order to share their experiences and to make all of us feel a little less alone. Check out their incredible program here!

More about Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer

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It all started when...

Uplift Trainer, Vera was diagnosed with Stage 2 invasive nodular breast cancer with metastasis to the sentinel lymph node, but she considers herself lucky because she was surrounded and supported by a large group of loving and knowledgeable women that included several breast cancer survivors. Those women shared their stories, and through that process Vera found the hope and courage she needed to face her treatment. She discovered that each woman's breast cancer journey is unique and that strength can be found in love and support.

Vera was acutely aware that she was very fortunate, because so many other women do not have the same - or any - support system. She lost her mother to inflammatory breast cancer in 1991 and remembered all too well how frightened and isolated her mother and her family felt.

Vera created the Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer online video support forum for women who may not have a supportive network, or who simply find that hearing about other women's experiences is helpful and inspiring. She aims to provide her viewers with access to a range of informative and insightful stories in order to lessen the fear and isolation that often accompanies a breast cancer diagnosis.

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