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Small Group Training


Small Group Training


Power X


Power X is a 55-minute circuit-style training session focused on athletic conditioning. The goal is to enhance the body's stamina and its execution of explosive movements. The results: increased stamina, better metabolic function, and improved athletic performance. Power X is capped at 8 clients per session, and is only available to Uplift clients.

Strength X


Strength X is a 55-minute circuit-style strength training session.The goal is to correctly and progressively lift heavier weights when activating each muscle group, and to better perform functional movements in everyday life. The results: increased muscular strength in lower and upper body, better total body engagement and definition, and greater knowledge of strength training principles. The training takes 8 clients maximum, and is only available to our Uplift clients.



BUILD, by invitation only, is the chance to work with Coach Caitlin or Coach Meg and up to three other awesome Uplift clients in a semi-private strength session, allowing you to receive all the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost once a week within a small group setting. Over time, BUILD helps women like you gain strength, change body composition, learn the fundamentals of strength training and advanced kettlebell complexes and techniques, hit your PRs and so much more. You’ll be expected to train hard and smart. New BUILD cycle(s) will begin every few weeks, so email nymanager@upliftstudios.com for more information and to apply to sign up.