Our Story

Our Story


Uplift is a women-only fitness studio (encompassing signature group fitness formats and specialized personal training), as well as a female society grounded in our unique social community. In everything we do, we are devoted to the power of "US": strong women who inspire and connect with each other. Uplift’s mission is to empower women in all aspects of their lives, in physical fitness/wellness and beyond.


Our origin is a perfect example of a person unearthing her calling, rather than slogging through a job or profession. Co-founder Leanne was a writer for most of her career and started doing some running coaching and training on the side, mostly with friends and just for fun. An editor she was writing FOR caught wind of this and did a couple of workouts with her and then decided to write ABOUT her (for the now defunct Daily Candy newsletter). Overnight, Leanne had hundreds of new client inquiries (and found her original Uplift co-founders Katie Currie and Helena Cawley that way, too!) and it grew from there.

Ironically, Leanne never considered herself any sort of fitness guru; Instead, she simply saw that working out was a powerful conduit for her to help advise and empower women in all aspects of their lives: a means to an end, which was feeling great physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Right from the beginning, Uplift was branded as women-only. When an early evening group class got rained out in Central Park, instead of canceling, the Uplift team herded everyone across the street to a bar to hang out. For hours, women who had never met before were sipping wine, networking, hanging out, and becoming friends and workout buddies. Men have historically created these opportunities (and advantages) for themselves, while until recently, women have not. That thinking was the seed to the powerful Uplift community that exists today.