Tracey Toomey McQuade


OG Uplift Badass, Tracey, tells us about her upcoming retreats & workshops!

Her favorite Uplift class is ENDURANCE with Leah -- so yeah, she's a powerhouse alright!

Tracey Toomey McQuade has partnered up with novelist and lifestyle author, Jessica Soffer, to host writing/ yoga retreats this winter/ spring.  There will be readings, prompts, one-on-one discussions as well as daily yoga and meditation and chef's dinners at acclaimed restaurants.  Everyone is welcome.  Groups of six women will be curated according to experience and expectations.  In some cases, we'll start from scratch.  In others, we'll workshop novel chapters.  Always, we'll delve deep into important things like voice, tension, tone, detail, language and rhythm because they matter no matter what you're writing: an email, a blog post, a memoir, a love letter, or the final scene of a trilogy.  We will pause.  Observe.  Breathe.  Remember.  Find out what matters.  And write it down to make it matter more.  And leave, grounded and inspired.  Email Tracey at to sign up! 

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