ModArts Dance Collective (MADC)

ModArts Dance Collective (MADC)

We sit down with Founding Artistic Director, Uplift's own Leah!

ModArts Dance Collective (MADC), a New York City based multicultural professional modern dance company established by Leah & Shaun Tubbs in 2011, is comprised of a community of dancers who strive for technical growth and artistic nourishment. MADC uses movement as a vehicle to connect, inspire, and ignite a spark of hope within multitudes of people from various walks of life. The mission of MADC is to utilize movement as the catalyst to increase diversity and gender equality to audiences and communities nationwide.
(Photo Credit: Kiya Marie)

US: What inspired you to found your company?
I felt 'community' was lacking for artists of color in the dance field. As MADC grows and thrives as an arts organization, we want to provide a platform for communities of color to present their work and become leaders in their artistic discipline. 

US: What do you feel like was the biggest challenge you've faced as a female artistic director? 
There is a deficit of women artists of color in leadership roles in the dance field and a lack of financial support for small multicultural arts organizations to become self-sustainable.

US: Where do you find your dance company intersects with your life as a fitness professional? 
Leah: I find gratitude and joy in movement (dance and fitness) because I know there are people who may not have the opportunity. Every day I am able to move is a blessing.

US: Best piece of advice you could give to aspiring female artists/entrepreneurs? 
Leah: "Comparison is the thief of joy." -Theodore Roosevelt; it can be hard to not judge or compare yourself to others in the same field due to social media. I was told growing up and still believe that what is for you nobody can take away.

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