Spoon University


We learned about Spoon University thanks to our amazing client and friend Sandy Yap, who works for them: Spoon University is a female-owned business that prides itself on being the everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense. On their site, you can find the simplest recipes, the most obvious hacks you can’t believe you didn’t know, and the best restaurants that you haven’t found yet. 

Behind the scenes, they help teach the next generation of journalists, marketers and event planners the best practices in digital media. They empower a network of thousands of contributors at hundreds of college campuses all over the world to write, photograph, create videos, and throw events.

Spoon is holding an event, BRAINFOOD, TOMORROW (October 14th, 2017) from 12:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. featuring a behind the scenes look at what's actually happening in the food world, with incredible talks, new food startups, networking opportunities, food art installations, and of course, a ton of free food!
**Use code UPLIFT to receive 30% off admission**

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