We're Hiring!

We’re Hiring!


Uplift is seeking new members to join our ever-growing team. We currently have openings for the front desk, which is a high-growth position that could yield a more executive role down the line for the right person.


*You possess a genuine air of open-ness and friendliness: The first and most immediate question we ask ourselves when a potential hire comes in the door is, "Can we see this person interacting on the studio floor with our clients?" Uplift is more than a fitness studio; it’s a community, even a "clubhouse" of sorts, and working here requires a certain set of social skills (and fundamental personality) that translates into an easy relate-ability to the amazing clients who walk in the door. Being comfortable with sales and customer service is a must-have skillset(s).

*You are incredibly professional: Next, we ask ourselves: did this person introduce herself to everyone at the studio and look them in the eye with a handshake? Does she care about making a good impression every second of her time spent in the studio? Does she care about how she presents herself? Will she be meticulous about being on time, all the time? Will she be proactive and thoughtful in performing her tasks, not just going through the motions? Educational background and experience are less important than how you conduct yourself, how hard you are willing to work and your passion for the company. Uplift wants team players only. Proactivity is a major plus!

*You are wellness-minded, and a feminist: We are looking for people who are passionate about wellness and health, and who consider it a fundamental part of a woman’s life. Even more importantly, you should be passionate about female empowerment, because we sure are. Our brand and our philosophy are only as good as the people who work for us!

*You will be at the forefront of a fast-growing, dynamic young team of women entrepreneurs who are doing truly exciting things in wellness and female empowerment (and beyond).

*Women mentors: Women here here help other women, all the time, from the top down and bottom up. Our co-founder's focus when it comes to staff and personnel is the growth and nurturance of women in business and entrepreneurship and she will happily take the time to help you on your journey.

*A family feel: At Uplift, we very much adhere to the philosophy of “work hard, play hard.” We have a lot of fun together, and we take care of our own.


*Please take some time to familiarize yourself with us: our website, our brand, what we offer in terms of classes, personal training and special events, our philosophy, and how we differentiate ourselves from others in the fitness space.

If you would like to discuss our openings further, please send your resume and cover letter to info@upliftstudios.com.