Uplift Coach Certification Program




THE UPLIFT FEMALE EMPOWERMENT COACH is  a person who seeks to empower women. The Uplift Female Empowerment Coaching certification is a comprehensive coaching certification and education program centered in female empowerment. The Uplift Coach will learn self-empowerment and then empowering others through self-awareness and discovery, interpersonal relations, community-building, connectedness, and behavior coaching.

Certified Uplift coaches know from their own experience that the answers for anything and everything in life ultimately come from within--and each Uplift coach  empowers her clients, in her own unique way, to understand that. The Uplift Coach is a guide to female empowerment and health, wellness, and strength in all areas of a person’s life.

The Uplift Coach Certification Program brings all of Uplift’s principles together,  and the sum of our parts becomes scale-able female empowerment.




The Uplift Female Empowerment certification is a comprehensive (and customize-able) education program to broaden and deepen individuals’ or institutions’ understanding of and education in female empowerment.

Uplift will hold intensive Female Empowerment coaching certification workshops for interested individuals on a regular basis (generally three daylong sessions over the course of one weekend).

We also have the ability to completely customize our female empowerment education programming into a workshop or series for your group, company, or organization.




  • A deep-dive into the idea of female empowerment, which overarches all of the other programming:

    • Uplift’s concrete components of female empowerment

    • Self-empowerment

    • Tangible ways to begin empowering other women right now

    • Uplift’s five-stage formula for change

  • Tools for learning self-reflection and awareness, and being able to teach that to others

  • Confidence

  • Body Positivity

  • Communication Skills

  • When things go wrong/Managing difficult clients/client issues

  • Helping our clients find meaning in their lives: (and learning the difference between happiness (feeling good) and meaning (being and doing good)

  • Behavior Coaching

  • Cross-cultural considerations

  • Hands-on practical one-on-one coaching and active listening skills



  • Business professionals (e.g., HR Departments and Women’s groups of major corporations) interested in female advancement and equality

  • Small companies and businesses who recognize the need for female empowerment both among their staff, and between staff members and clientele/customers

  • Facilitators and members of of women’s networking groups, political/activist groups,

  • Coaches or instructors who want to continue to grow your and education and better work work with women within the realm of wellness, but also within the emotional, mental, and social spheres

  • People who are interested in changing careers entirely and moving into any sort of coaching realms need some more formal education in coaching women in both wellness and personal growth

  • Individual women who:

    • Are interested in becoming Coaches and/or working in the wellness/health/fitness/lifestyle fields

    • Have a desire to connect with like-minded women and want to draw inspiration from others

    • Want to learn skills you can apply every day in your personal and professional life

    • Have a strong desire to lift up other women really want to lift up other women: you’re interested in the very best ways to truly help and change other women

    • Love the Uplift community and want to be more involved/understand better what we do and why, based on the Uplift mission


Do I need to be a certified personal trainer to undertake the Uplift Coach Certification Program?
No. The Uplift Coach certification is appropriate for anyone interested in empowering women.

Is the Uplift Coach Certification Program a Personal Training Certification?
No, we are not certifying personal trainers. This certification is focused on enhancing a woman’s education vis-a-vis female empowerment within the realm of wellness but also the mental, emotional, and social spheres. You’ll walk away with a better understanding how to empower women by enhancing their knowledge and how to handle the sensitive issues women face when dealing with themselves, and their bodies. We are offering an additional optional add-on capsule called “Fitness for the Female Body,” which is more geared toward augmenting specifically personal trainers’ knowledge of the female body and female clients.

Does the Uplift Coach Certification Program count for Continuing Education Credits?
Our “Fitness for the Female Body” capsule DOES count for CECs but currently the Uplift Female Empowerment certification does not.

How will being an Uplift Coach boost my success businesses success?
Once I’m an Uplift Coach, how do I maintain my credentials?
Is there an annual fee to maintain my membership?
Besides taking the workshop, what perks do I receive post completion?