"Strong Women Uplift Each Other" Series

"Strong Women Uplift Each Other"



Have you been to one of our powerful “Strong Women Uplift Each other” events yet? Uplift has always had its finger on the pulse of women-oriented events even beyond fitness, and over the last year, our Female Society has taken the idea of community to the next level. Our “Strong Women Uplift Each other” (or as we lovingly call them, SWUE) sessions (each of which is a panel, workshop or other event) take this powerful message even further: in each, we delve into complex and difficult issues women face and otherwise have difficulty talking about. But here at Uplift, we started talking and haven’t stopped. 

Uplift is so much more than a fitness studio. We are truly a female society, a community of women here to empower and inspire each other in all aspects of life. And like a marriage, we’re here through the good times AND bad, health AND sickness. The Workout & Wines AND the harder issues where we truly need our female friends to support us.  



Past Strong Women Uplift Each Other Topics:

Violence & Trauma
Our Struggles With Pregnancy, Infertility, and Miscarriages
Mental Health & Emotional Wellness: Dealing with Anxiety, Grief, and Depression
Our Loaded Relationship with Eating & Food
Our Career Failures & Roadblocks
Breaking Bad Habits: Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, and Shopping
Women's Health


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