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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"In addition to offering kick-ass classes, Uplift also holds non-workout events such as career panels and book clubs, which always include wine. I’ve gone to a handful of their panels and am always impressed with the inspiring women they get to come to speak and the smart discussions that ensue. Uplift sells a tank that literally says strong woman uplift each other and it’s the perfect sentence to sum up the vibe at this studio."Kayla in the City

"Have you ever felt like you were spending time at the gym but not really getting much done or feeling it in the right places? That won't happen at Uplift - you can get a lot done in an hour here, and leave feeling strong and empowered - and exhausted at the same time."

"Don't be quick to dismiss this gym because it's a females-only business. I consider myself to be in decent shape (I work out five days a week and am especially fond of HIIT / bootcamp style classes), but this place kicked my BUTT."

"There are no bad instructors and everyone takes the time to ask for names, correct form and walk around to check in."

"One of my favorite studios on ClassPass.  Every class is challenging without being intimidating.  Great sense of community and female empowerment. "