Pop-Up Care Shop

December Donations!

Starting this Friday, December 1st, we are accepting donations to The Pop-Up Care Shop, an interactive charity drive that provides a fun shopping experience for women in need. Our drive will be benefitting Park Avenue Thorpe (of Nazareth Housing) which is a supportive housing system that provides for women and children in the Bronx! The shop itself will be on the 16th of December up in the Bronx so we will want to push the drive from December 1st to around the 14th! 

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Who we are:
The Pop-Up Care Shop is an interactive charity drive project founded by Kadia Blagrove and Kydee Williams, two NYC writers who are dedicated to the empowerment of women and compassion for humanity. Partnering with different non-profit organizations and shelters, we collect donated goods and “set-up shop” to create a fun shopping experience for those truly in need. Items are nicely displayed in retail-fashion and shoppers get to thoughtfully pick out what they want. Our unique method rejects the standard of drop-off donations, and brings the goods to the people directly and with style!

What we are doing:
This year we are treating the women and children of Park Avenue Thorpe (of Nazareth Housing), a Bronx supportive housing for single women and their children, to a holiday “shopping” party they won’t forget!  We will bring over the donated clothing,  place items on racks, add some decorations, play some music, and serve yummy refreshments. The ladies will have the opportunity to look through the clothes, choose what they like, all while celebrating the holidays with friends.  

Our mission is to redeem the less fortunate with dignity, enjoyment, and, most of all, choice. So many of the women at Park Avenue Thorpe have faced hardship because of their loss of choice. Poverty and abuse can make anyone feel powerless, and many of these clients fall victim to these painful realities. We aim to empower these women with the opportunity to choose.

Don't have clothes? Donate time!
Volunteer to help coordinate the drive on December 16th!
Email cassie@upliftstudios.com for more details.

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