Circle of Six

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As you all know, Uplift is dedicated to philanthropy and giving back. Every single month we choose a cause that benefits women or children to volunteer with, raise money for, or help in some way.

Recent events have vulnerable populations concerned and afraid. We at Uplift have decided to band together to raise money for some imminently important causes. We have initiated a founding group—a "Circle of Six" women leaders—out of Uplift, who will comprise the main team for first fundraising effort of organizations that benefit women, racial equality, LGBTQ rights, fighting climate change, immigrant rights: all of the things that it appears could be under direct attack in coming weeks, months and years. Each founding member chose one particular non-profit to focus on and will donate at least $10 per month as a recurring gift to for a minimum of six months.

Leanne Shear: Planned Parenthood Action
Megan Eiss-Proctor: Safe Passage Project
Tracey Toomey McQuade: Safe Horizon
Cassie Gilling: Next Gen Climate
Ilana Diaz: Immigration Forum
Celia Keenan-Bolger: New York Civil Liberties Union

We're asking you to join us. Choose one of our organizations, or choose your own. Better yet, create your OWN “Circle of Six” and then join our Facebook group so we can all collaborate.

Clearly, money is power. And we are DETERMINED to use that power to continue to FOCUS on all of the GOOD in our world. Financial support is critical but so is staying informed and talking about these important issues. Uplift’s “Circle of Six” will keep each other informed about the challenges their individual organizations and the people in need face. If you are interested in more action items you can sign up at (she lists at least 5 things you can do a day) or check out, and for ways to get involved.

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