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Cold Spring Fall Hike

It's that time of the year again…


Join us on our annual hike to enjoy beautiful views, the crisp fall fresh air, + a mix into your workout schedule. 

Our fearless leader will be Julia Jurgilewicz, beloved Uplift trainer and master of this trail- this will be her 6th time on this hike!

Why should you join her and US on November 11th? According to Julia, “You deserve a break from the hustle. The Hudson Valley is gorgeous. You’ll get to meet some chill and extraordinary women in a unique way! Also, I bring good hiking snacks”.

We will meet at Grand Central and take the metro-north up to Cold Spring, NY where we will hike on an intermediate level trail. After, we will head to a local restaurant that sits right on the railroad tracks to wine + dine, of course!

No hiking experience? No worries! Every level is welcomed.

Hiking boots are optional. Wear a couple of layers, as the day usually starts off chilly + gets warmer.

Cost: $69 (includes hike and lunch) **transportation not included**


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More About the Hiking Master - Julia Jurgilewicz

Trainer-Dancer-Actor-Explorer (in no particular order)

Has hiked the Hudson Valley 8 times, Bear Mountain 2 times, Beacon 1 time and 5 Cold Spring/ Breakneck Ridge

Favorite hike of all time: The Monks Trail, Chiang Mai, Thailand. My partner and I followed the sashes of monks tied to trees which has for centuries marked the route to their temple up a mountain. At the top, we crossed a waterfall into the temple (now a meditation center for monks). It was one of the hardest hikes physically with the largest payout at the end. Maybe my favorite place on Earth. 

Why I love hiking: This year marks my 10-year anniversary in NYC, and while I love city living, I was born in the woods/farm country, so a part of me is deeply rooted in the outdoors. More than that, I love the connection of mind and body that I experience hiking. The task is simple, keep walking. I love hearing the sound of my lunges pumping and my heart rate increasing and my muscles warming. You begin to love the taste of water and how good taking deep breaths feels. You’re experiencing what it takes to just keep your body living while your mind gets to wander free. When you get to share that meditative and personal experience with others, I find you get to know their most simple and human selves! Also, the sound of your feet crunching leaves is remarkably cathartic on a fall hike! 

Why you should come hiking with me and US: You deserve a break from the hustle. The Hudson Valley is gorgeous. You’ll get to meet some chill and extraordinary women in a unique way! I bring good hiking snacks.

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