Our New Year 2019 Challenge

Uplift’s New Year 2019 Challenge:



Goals are all well and good, but people generally have trouble sticking with them for the long haul; we believe the intention is the energy that fuels your goals.

Even strong women like US need a boost in our growth and progress, so we created this amazing six-week challenge just for YOU. The backdrop is the supportive Uplift community, but there’s no competition here. Instead, with the help of the Uplift team, you’ll set intentions and build healthy habits to help you grow even stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Commit to six weeks with US beginning on Monday, January 7th and wrapping up on Friday,  February 15th.

We provide:

*A one-hour intention-setting workshop led by Uplift head instructor Kirsten Trued on January 7th at 7:30pm to kick off the Challenge.

*SIX WEEKS of unlimited classes (max one per day), including X sessions.

*An Accomplishment Board where you can mark each class (or PT session**) you’ve taken, as well as any milestones reached (like lifting the 25-pound weights for the first time!) and cheer other participants on.

**Personal Training clients are more than welcome to participate in this program, and your PT sessions can be logged onto the Challenge Accomplishment Board.

*A workbook and journal to track your time and progress throughout the Challenge and beyond.

*A one-hour Female Empowerment workshop on January 30th at 7:30pm, where we discuss the pillars of empowerment, and how to integrate them into our daily lives, led by Uplift founder Leanne.

*Complimentary admission to all public events  Uplift hosts during that time period.

*One complimentary personal training session (for new personal training clients only).

*A match with another Challenge participant as as Workout Buddy with whom you can meet up, take class, and stay motivated with (This is optional).

*And end-of-Challenge toast and wrap-up meeting.

*A discount on your next class or personal training package upon completion of the Challenge.


//Early Bird up-front pricing: available ONLY from Black Friday (11/23) through Sunday, November 25th: $509. By purchasing the Early Bird special, you are eligible for 50% off  our Afternoon of Nutrition and Self-Care with Wellness Lately.

//Regular pricing through January 6th: $609.

//Installment pricing: $119 per week, to be deducted at the start of every week.