Did you know employees who exercise regularly make 9% more than sedentary co-workers?  What better way to up the productivity of your office than sweating together? Uplift offers private corporate classes for you and your co-workers to get your bicep curl on.  Bond, sweat, do better business! 


Bring your fellow #ladybosses, clients or friends in for a private class!  Our workout is sure to Uplift you and your team, foster high energy camaraderie, and will be sure to leave you sweating out your workday.

We would love to tailor the class to you and group’s needs, in addition to allowing a co-ed atmosphere if desired. We'll take care of the workout, complimentary towels, studio amenities, and water.

* Availability based on advance booking timeline

If you are interested in having us come to you,  outdoor workouts, creating corporate challenges, or ongoing wellness programs, please let us know in the form below!

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch within 48 hours! 




Private Studio Classes or Small Group Training: 

Enjoy our signature studio classes or a small group training session with your colleagues!

Workout & Lunch:

Take one of our signature classes, followed by a healthy catered lunch served in to-go containers to make the trip back to the office that much smoother! 

Workout & Wine:

Experience one of our signature classes followed by healthy snacks and wine as well as time for networking. Or, do a "Workout & Wine" that includes all of the above as well as an additional lecture or interactive element, such as author, dating coach, life coach, nutritionist, etc. 


Indoor Workouts:

We provide modified workouts for you and your employees, in your office or wherever your place of business is located. We also offer an additional feature that allows you to create a unique experience for your employees by adding a lecture or a more interactive element to the workouts such as an author, dating coach, life coach, career coach, nutritionist, etc! 

Outdoor Workouts:

It's the perfect combination: You get a break from the office (to enjoy the great outdoors!) while getting an awesome workout in using benches, the grass and bodyweight moves. (Held in places like the West Side Highway, Central Park and other venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn). 

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Date of Requested Class