Continuing Education Credits with Uplift

"Fitness for the Female Body" CECs with NASM-AFAA



Saturday, October 13th

Time: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (includes two short breaks, for which Uplift will provide water and a light snack, and a lunch break)

Location: Uplift (24 W. 23rd Street, Second floor)

Number of CECs: 0.8*

Cost: $229

Upon signing up, attendees will receive an email that includes information on required materials.

*Thes credits are NASM-approved, though you can easily petition for these to also be approved by other governing bodies.

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Fitness is a catalyst to empower women. At Uplift, and particularly in this "Fitness for the Female Body" capsule program, we create healthy discussions based on current research and science to educate our clients and empower them to set achievable goals and let go of insecurities. Uplift Coaches have the knowledge to dispel the myths that are currently embedded in the female fitness arena. 



This program is for currently certified trainers. By the end of this training each participant will have the tools to make better health decisions for themselves and for her female clients, in each stage of life (youth through menopause, pre- and post-natal, etc).

By gaining a deeper understanding the physiology of a woman’s body, how it's meant to train and by implementing Uplift’s “NO BS” discussion tools, participants will be better able to retain clients and establish long-term relationships.

Unfortunately, people who do not have the credentials or an accurate understanding of how a woman’s body adapts to imposed physical demands are dictating current health trends. We teach you how to approach conversations on the following topics:

·     Fitness/health goals

·     Setting goals and overcoming frustrations/setbacks

·     Perceived limitations/differences of females in the fitness sphere

·     Resources for information on health and fitness advice


As an Uplift Coach, your experiences matter and they are empowering.