Uplift Signature Classes

Our signature classes are Strength, Endurance, Power, Sculpt, Essentials, and Uplift Express. Our class schedule is organized to allow you to alternate types of classes at the same time of day so you can come back every day without getting bored or overusing the same muscle groups. It’s a full workout routine that will get you into amazing shape and allow you to finally push past your fitness plateaus. Your inner athlete will be put to the test as you work hard to get stronger, more toned and experience an incredible overall feeling of satisfaction, both inside and out. Be ready to sweat. Be ready for sore muscles. Be ready to feel incredibly strong. We won’t let you be anything but Uplift-ed.



A 55-minute non-stop, form-focused cardio workout, this class is designed to push your endurance and stamina. Half plyometric training and half strength circuit conditioning, Endurance is set to a heart pumping playlist that will leave you feeling breathless, invigorated, and of course, Uplift-ed. This class utilizes dumbbells, resistance, props, and dynamic body weight exercises, which challenge your body and inspire you to keep going past what you thought was possible. Women only, shoes required.

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Incorporating dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own body, Strength focuses on lifting the heaviest weights you can with the best form in a given amount of time. You’ll work each muscle group to fatigue before moving on to the next. At different points in class, you’ll burst into Tabata-style HIIT sessions to elevate your heart rate and leave you feeling exhilarated, accomplished, and strong. Women only, shoes required.

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A 45-minute action-packed session, Power is focused on improving your body’s performance and muscular composition through the utilization of maximum impact in the minimum amount of time. This interval-driven class alternates between periods of explosive movement and active recovery/rest. Use your recovery periods to come back with even more effort and energy the next round. This class incorporates resistance bands, dumbbells, light props, and dynamic body weight exercises. Women only, shoes required.

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This 45-minute, low impact, high intensity strength training class combines compound strength circuits with low impact cardio intervals. Focusing on your breath, balance, and flexibility, Sculpt is the perfect class if you're looking to increase your range of motion or supplement your training. Women only. NO shoes required.


The best compact version of all things Uplift! We’ve combined our four signature formats into this 45-minute total body workout, a one-stop shop with the goal of increasing your strength, improving your stamina, and sculpting your core. Within five separate sections, you’ll focus on different exercises that challenge your body in different ways with dumbbells, resistance props, and your own body weight. Every exercise is timed and musically curated so you can push at your own pace and walk out feeling empowered. Women only, shoes required

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A 45-minute bodyweight circuit class, Uplift Essentials combines fast-paced cardio intervals with dynamic full-bodied sequences that activate your entire body at once and improve the necessary stability required for strength training. Heart-pumping music accompany the class as it progressively intensifies, leaving you amazed at what you can do with your greatest asset: your own body. Appropriate for all levels. Women only, shoes required.


Spice up your workout routine with classes showcasing our instructors' unique areas of expertise. 


Now you don't have to decide between working out and happy hour - on Friday nights at Uplift you can have both! Please join us after class for a complimentary glass of wine.