Build FAQs


Do I have to bring my own friends/family to train with me?

No! Successful applicants will be paired with other, similar applicants. In fact, this is so private that we limit spots to the same four trainees per cycle.

How is BUILD different from other Uplift services?

BUILD is limited to the same four trainees maximum each session per cycle. PLUS all of our sessions take place on the personal training floor -- the entire floor is ours!

What does that mean for me? That means that you...

  • Progress your essential movement patterns, strength, and energy systems.

  • Track your progress via a mobile-friendly tracking sheet - every set, rep, rest and load

  • Receive all the benefits of a 60 minute session (including warm-up/mobility, strength training and conditioning)

  • Have complete and total access to the more advanced equipment  on the personal training floor without the distraction of non-BUILD students/trainers.

  • Perform circuits- no waiting to use equipment!

  • You’ll be expected to train hard and smart. BUILD means you’ll be training in a supportive, energetic environment - we’re rooting for each other to hit PRs!

  • You’ll be paired with the same other three like-minded women throughout each entire cycle - you’ll progress as a group rather than starting off at square one each time in a group class.

BUILD is designed to enhance your current training program. To see results, in addition to good nutrition and rest/sleep habits, I recommend you strength train at least 45-60 minutes 2-3 times per week consistently -- and that includes our BUILD session!  

BUILD is unique because…

  • You will receive your own tracking sheet to fill out so you know just how far you’ve come month to month

  • You’re in the most exclusive, awesome community - you’ll progress as a group and we’ll hone our forms / speak in code soon enough

  • You have access to the entire PT floor and equipment as a group - it’s all ours

  • We’re focused on helping you become your strongest self - whether it’s mastering kettlebell complexes / nailing your push-up, etc. we’re here to cheer you on and give you feedback on your form you so you hit those PRs; PLUS…

  • This is NOT a class of any kind. BUILD is by invitation only. That means that we are not accepting drop-ins so we can focus on YOU and what you need.

Why kettlebells?

Kettlebells = full body exercises that help you gain strength, mobility AND metabolic output. They are simple, versatile and yet offer challenge after challenge to master. In addition, we will be using all of the equipment on the personal training floor to maximize your strength.

What if I need to early cancel? What is the late cancellation / no show policy?

BUILD sessions are planned in advance for you and your fellow BUILDers. Please attend as many as you can because consistency is key to see and feel results.

However, we do understand that sometimes travel or other emergencies come up. Provided you let us know more than 24 hours in advance of missing a BUILD session, we will replace the missed BUILD session with two complimentary Strength X sessions (expiration for both will be one month after the missed BUILD session).

We reserve the right to adjust this policy in the future.

What kind of equipment will BUILD have access to?

  • Sets of kettlebells ranging from 10 lb to 45lbs

  • Pull-Up Bar and TRX

  • Cable Machine

  • Sandbags and Medicine Balls

  • Barbell and Plates

  • Rowing Machine

  • Air Bike and more

Is BUILD affordable? Personal training sounds like it’s outside of my budget…

We created this program specifically to be affordable -- it was SO important to me to make this as accessible as possible to our community. So we’ve created BUILD to be budget-friendly so you can focus on your goals.

BUILD’s wallet-friendly membership fee is only $260 plus tax for once-a-week semi-private training sessions for 4 weeks!

We reserve the right to adjust this pricing in the future.

You mention “cycle”...what do you mean?
Transformation doesn’t happen overnight -- but a health / fitness magazine or site know what sells quick and easy promises -- “10 days to shredded abs!” “This ONE move will give you the booty of your dreams!!” “You won’t believe how THIS celebrity dropped 20 pounds in 5 days!”

If your goal is to create strength and/or body composition changes, consistency is key and transformation takes time.

That’s why a smart strength training program is broken down into 4-6 week cycles that continually build upon the last cycle. Because we’re a small-group training group, we’re focusing on progressive 4 week cycles, starting with YOU, our original BUILDers!

Does BUILD count toward any current or future challenges / punch cards / programs, incentives or promos, etc.?


Can I post photos and videos for posterity? Will Uplift?

Sure! Just credit us @upliftstudios and tag @lavelleyogafit (or whichever Uplift Coach you work with).

And yes, we’ll be posting too so people can see BUILD in action!

By participating, you agree that any pictures, audio, or visual recordings taken of you at Uplift Studios or at other official Uplift Studios events may be used for publication, promotion, articles, shows, and advertisement without additional consent and without compensation.

Have more questions? Great! Email me at