BUILD Challenge

This class was designed with you in mind: think of it as an advanced Uplift Strength class, designed and taught by our very own powerhouse, Alyssa. We want to provide you with both the chance to take your body to new training heights and the opportunity to do so alongside other amazing,  strong women. Plus, the price for our first six-week cycle also includes a donation to the Breast Cancer Treatment Task Force, our partner for October's Breast Cancer Awareness month. Not only will you be Uplift-ing your body and spirit, you'll be enabling other women to have the chance to do so as well. 

BUILD takes a practical yet dynamic approach to training.

Build incorporates elements of therapy, flexibility, strength, and power in a 6-week progressive cycle. This FULL BODY workout is programmed with movements specifically aimed at improving a lift, technique or element of fitness. We will take hanging out at the bar to another level…literally.

Challenge begins: September 23rd, 2017
Class meets: Saturdays @ 9:30 a.m.

To enroll, email!
Cost: $250 ($50 to BTTF)

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4 Points: Events

Attendance at a special event at Uplift earns you 4 POINTS! This includes our upcoming Career Convention, Fit and Fierce After 50, and our Strong Women Uplift Each Other Series. Click HERE to take a look at the rest of our upcoming events and make sure to sign up!

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3 Points: BUILD

For every class you attend, you earn 3 POINTS. Consistency is key for any healthy lifestyle!

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1 Point: PT/Class

For every Personal Training session and Uplift signature class attended, receive ONE POINT. Reserve a spot for class HERE!

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2 Points: Social Media

Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @UpliftStudios and make sure to use our signature #StrongWomenUpliftEachOther and our special challenge #BTTFallintoFitness!

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1 Point: Wearing Pink

Come in repping some pink gear in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness and receive ONE POINT.

Stay tuned for more information on PRIZES for Winners!