Private Sessions

Imagine having a personal stylist who could help you craft the outfit of your dreams. You’d hang out with her every week, she’d totally match your personality and style, and you’d leave feeling empowered and looking great. That’s what we do – for your body.


Our one-hour cardio and strength coaching sessions will maximize your results by putting all the focus on you and your goals. Our amazing trainers emphasize using your body weight, dumbbells and other resistance training methods to push past your limits and whip you into incredible shape. Email us to get started:


  • Introductory Three-Pack: $285 (Includes three private sessions plus one Uplift class; First time only)
  • Single Session: $115
  • Happy Hour Sessions: $85/session (Only valid for sessions between 9am and 4pm M-F; 12-pack is $1020, 24-pack is $2040 - no discount on Happy Hour packages)
  • 12-Pack: $1,269.60 ($105.80/session)
  • 24-Pack: $2,484 ($103.50/session)
  • 24-Pack Paid in Eight Installments: $320.85 per installment ($106.95/session; Payment is automatically applied every three sessions)




Offering the same intensity as one-on-one coaching with the camaraderie of working out with your friends! Book a session at our studio and bring up to three friends to join in. It's the best of both worlds!


  • Single Session: $85/person
  • 12-Pack: $918 ($76.50/person)
  • 24-Pack: $1,785 ($74.38/person)



New to us? Welcome!

After having an initial 15-minute in-person or phone consultation with one of our team members to discuss your fitness goals, needs and past experiences, you will be matched directly with a certified coach who is hand-picked for you. Email us to get started:


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